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Colorbond Fencing for Hire in Holbrook

Are you looking for high-quality Colorond fence for your residential property in Albury-Wodonga? Maybe you’re looking to modernise your home by replacing your old Colorbond fence? Or perhaps you require boundary fencing to optimise the security of your property.. No matter how large or small your residential fencing needs may be, the team at CC&R Fencing can get the job done at a price you’ll love.

Custom Colorbond fencing

At CC&R Fencing we have over 20 years of experience in the fencing industry. In that time, we’ve learnt that every home is different. Whether you need fencing to help keep your home secure or you’re looking for a way to protect young children and pets from a busy road, our friendly and professional team have you covered. 

Colorbond fencing is an aussie classic. It's sturdy and built to last in harsh conditions. Whether you are based in Albury, Wodonga or Surronds we can custom design your Colorond Fence to suit the size of your property. Whether it be residential or commercial there is no job too big or too small. Give CC&R Fencing a call today to discuss your Colorbond fencing needs not matter what the job is.
Colorbond fencing installed around a home in Holbrook.
Quality custom built Colorbond Fences 
Colorbond gates albury wodonga

Custom made Colorbond Gates

 At CC&R Fencing we not only build custom made colorbond fences we can also complement your fence with a colorond gate. These can be your standard colorbond gate right through to your custom made colorbond gates

We guarantee lasting results and satisfaction, which is why we offer all customers a 12-month warranty. We also follow Australian security and safety standards to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Colorbond Fence Colours

Most new building estates will have to stick with chosen colorbond colours. However if you do have the luxury of choosing your own colorbond colours for your new fence, please feel free to have a look below. Choosing fence colours to match your house is always a good option as it will give a flowing effect however sometimes matching your new fence to say your shed or to blend in with your garden can also do wonders. Give CC&R Fencing a call today if you are unsure of what colour fence your new colorbond fence should be.

For a free quote or to find out more about our residential fencing solutions,
call our friendly team today on 0438 458 145.

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